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Drugs of Dependence

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printPrescribing drugs of dependence in general practice Part A

printPrescribing drugs of dependence in general practice Part B

printPractice policy for drugs of dependence

Clinical Advisory Service (CAS)

The Clinical Advisory Services operates a 24/7 phone service for health professionals providing clinical advice on all issues relating to patient management involving alcohol and drug use. CAS is staffed by experienced CPP staff and medical practitioners from Next Step Drug & Alcohol Services.

CAS Contact Details
Phone: 9442 5042
Freecall: 1800 688 847

Schedule 8 prescriber information service: 9222 4424

Health Department of WA Medicines and Poisons Regulations Branch: 9222 6883

Authority to prescribe S8 drugs, information no notification

Information on patients who are being prescribed S8s and information about queries by other GPs on that patient

Prescription Shopping Information Service: 1800 631 181

Information about use of PBS subsidised drugs for patients who meet the criteria for high use of PBS medicines from multiple providers

Parent and Family Drug Support Line: 9442 5050

For general public specifically to help parents

Confidential counselling, information and referral service

Can link with volunteer parents who can offer support

Alcohol and Drug Support Line: 9442 5000

For general public and health professionals

Confidential counselling, information and referral service