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Dr Michael Dawber

Michael Dawber

Dr Michael Dawber

Mikey qualified as a Doctor in July 2009, graduating from King’s College London, following pre-clinical studies at Cambridge University. Originally from the Northwest of England, he grew up in Manchester and spent the first four years working as a Doctor between East Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

Mikey met his wife, Nicola, a Registered Nurse with Silver Chain, whilst working on General Surgery in Blackburn hospital, East Lancashire. They moved to WA together in 2013 with their then one year old daughter, Elissa. They married on Injidup Beach near Yallingup and have had two further children, Isabelle and Nathan.

Mikey has spent the majority of his time as a doctor working in Orthopaedics, spending 6 years as a Registrar, so he has a keen interest in, and a lot of experience with, both minor and sporting injuries. He keeps up his Orthopaedic skills, frequently working in the Joondalup Health Campus Trauma Clinic and assisting Orthopaedic Surgeons privately on a regular basis. The last two years, whilst starting out as a GP Trainee, Mikey has worked in Joondalup Emergency Department, gaining broad experience in both adult and paediatric emergencies and acute illnesses.

Given his extensive surgical experience, Mikey has developed an interest in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery, and recently completed the Skin Cancer College’s Certificate of Dermoscopy, allowing him to perform skin checks with greater precision. Whilst at Two Rocks Medical Centre, Mikey hopes to develop a great rapport with the local community. He’s also insistent that patients called him Mikey, and NOT Dr Dawber!



MBBS MA RACGP, GP Training Registrar