• Ocean Reef Medical Centre

    81 Marina Boulevard,
    Ocean Reef, WA 6027
    Phone:(08) 9307 5344
    Fax:(08) 9307 5664

  • Key Largo Medical Centre

    Suite 1, 61 Ocean Keys
    Clarkson, WA 6030
    Phone:(08) 6401 7444
    Fax:(08) 6401 7455

  • Two Rocks Medical Centre

    Unit 5, 8 Enterprise Avenue,
    Two Rocks,
    WA 6037
    Phone:(08) 6401 7422
    Fax:(08) 6401 7433

Dr Mohsin Shahzad

Dr Mohsin Shahzad

Dr Mohsin Shahzad

Dr Mohsin has over 13 years of clinical experience both overseas and in Australia. He has been working in Australia for the last 6 years, and for four years has worked in various metropolitan hospitals and country hospitals in WA. During his time working at the hospitals, he has gained experience in cardiology, haematology, emergency, general medicine and geriatric medicine. He has been working as a GP for the last two years.